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Beading is definitely an addicting habit. It had me the moment I bought my first strand of beads! I’ve been making jewelry for several years now, and the internet is my go-to place to find information on any topic, especially for bead-related info. Over the years I’ve come across a lot of useful and informative sites about beads.

I recently created a new website just for anyone interested in making handmade jewelry or beads, etc., called The Beader’s Resource Guide. This site is dedicated to all things bead-related. My goal is to create a comprehensive beading resource for beginners and experts alike. I’ve scoured the internet to find information on a variety of topics – such as buying beads, information about beads, instructions and tutorials, finding inspiration and connecting with other beaders just to name a few. I do not claim to be an expert in these fields, so I’ve sought out websites that I believe are, and have linked to them to create an online guide.

In addition to making jewelry, I’m very interested in exploring the selling aspect as well. The Beader’s Resource Guide is also a site dedicated to resources and information related to selling handcrafted jewelry. Pages with the majority of this type of information are still “in production”. In the very near future I will be adding pages about selling your jewelry whether it’s via creating your own website or using an existing online mall, as well as marketing ideas, etc.

I’ve been an amateur web-site designer ever since I got my first computer. I like that the internet is becoming more social and interactive. I’ve tried to incorporate guestbook services and forums, etc. into my existing sites but they never seem to get much use. This blog is to make The Beader’s Resource Guide more interactive and to help foster a community of beaders where we can have some fun and share information – not just to be a statistic on the hit counter of a web page. I’d like to know more about my visitors, how you found me, what you thought about the site, what works for you and what doesn’t, etc. Hopefully this blog will accomplish that!

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